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Who are we?

Sermicro’s Digital Signage area offers a complete service, thanks to the fact that our projects cover the whole process, from beginning to end. We are real integrators, with great experience in providing technological solutions and in partnership with leading specialists in the market.

Mission Statement

Being the reliable supplier and integrator, offering our clients a unique dialogue, accompanying them before, during and after the process and offering a guaranteed quality service


Maximizing the solution, taking advantage of our capabilities and knowledge in all technological areas to make the most of them, achieving the best benefit for our customers.

How far do you want to go?

Our goal is innovation and continuous improvement, so there are no limits. More than 34 years of experience guarantee our potential.


Consultancy, supply and logistics
  • Specialized Technical Consultants
  • Solution Design
  • Pre-Audit
  • HW supply adapted to the project (Supports, Projectors, PC's, Screens)
  • Manufacture of specific structures for the project
  • SW Development
  • 3 Logistics Centres with 12,000 m2 and capacity for 13,000 pallets
  • Latest technologies in Safety, Quality and Environmental Management
  • Service indicators Information and Monitoring
  • Mobility Platform for processes control in real time
Installation and Maintenance
24×7 Remote Managed Services
  • Proactive monitoring, management, or system administration through the CSR (Unified Remote Service Center)
  • Comprehensive and proactive support
  • Using different tools depending on the client’s needs
  • High resolution capacity
  • Multilingual services 24×7 (24 hours a day, seven days a week)
  • Redundant services (Madrid-Barcelona)
Content Management
Custom Software Development

We have the capacity and skills to execute software developments and adapt them to customer needs, always seeking improvement and greater impact on content. Among other areas, we develop:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Digital Directories
  • Game Campaigns

Customer Experience

Wifi Tracking

Solution that identifies and tracks the mac address of the customers’ smartphone


Modular solution with small devices and content configuration to transmit signals to smartphones

Heat maps

Tool that provides information on the areas visited by users (activity, number of stops, stopping time)

Audience measurement

Allows you to have more precise information about your most common type of client, thus adapting the message to be displayed

Magic Mirror – Virtual Fitting room

The mirror performs a virtual assembly of how we look with the garment, changing size or model if we want so

Queueing control and management

Solution for checkout area optimal management

Background music

Music in perfect harmony with the environment allows improving the shopping customer experience


Sensory marketing that revolutionizes communication at the point of sale.

Interaction with screens

Touch screens, Bidi code reader


Being able to offer a real complete service with a unique dialogue throughout the process, has made us worthy of the trust of our customers, to help them increase their visibility, improving relationships with their own customers and, ultimately, strengthening their brand image. These are some of our references:

360º Digital Signage Project (consultancy, engineering, design, supply, installation, maintenance, management and content creation). Multilingual support.
Shift management system installation for customer service. Projection systems
Digital displays supply for Showroom
Sports equipment sales and distribution chain
Digital signage in all stores nationwide, remote control of screens and monitoring of their status and content management. Exclusive custom designed supports.
Fast food chain
Installation of screens, pc´s and a powerful software solution complement a tool that allows to deploy content worldwide in 15 minutes.


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